After a long lull at the box-office for local films, this week’s box office chart sees three homemade titles residing in the Top 10.

Polis Evo has managed to hold onto another week in the Top 3, falling one space to #3 after accumulating a tally of over RM8,000,000 as reported by Astro Awani. It also saw an increase in film prints (consider this the Malaysian version of theatre count), up from 91 to 92.

The blockbuster has gotten brilliant reviews from industry insiders and we even have the Best Director of the recently-concluded 27th Malaysian Film Festival (MFF27), Liew Seng Tat saying a few words about this in an upcoming interview, so look out for that!

Elsewhere on the chart, Osman Ali‘s gory Jwanita debuts at No.6, a decent showing given that there were reports of the film being sidelined by TV stations.

In a recent news piece, Osman stated that each station has been preoccupied with promoting films linked to their own businesses, creating unhealthy competition for an industry currently in a fragile state.

After a long lull at the box office for local films, this week’s box office chart sees three homemade titles residing in the Top 10.

The film, which stars Maya Karin, Cristina Suzanne and Bront Palarae, has been gaining traction on social media thanks to efforts by local stars. It managed to score 57 prints this week, making it a (somewhat) wide release. You can read more about Jwanita in our previous coverage!

Last of the lot is romantic comedy Girlfriend Kontrak, the surprise entrant of the week! It enters at #9 on the chart, securing 54 prints this week. Led by relatively unknown actors Nur Risteena (it’s basically Risteena Munim from “Playboy” Itu Suami Aku… but rebranded) and Keith Foo (Dia… Isteri Luar Biasa), the film has been promoted heavily on television.

We wrote a review of the film several days ago which has become more popular by the day, suggesting that word of mouth is getting around. Read our piece, or watch the first 30 minutes of the film on Youtube courtesy of Grand Brilliance!

This is the best showing for the local box office in months; we’ve gone through about three months of data and could not find the last time three Malaysian films made the Top 10. Recent big releases such as Jejak Warriors (#12) and Nota (failed to chart) underperformed at the box office, despite showcasing high-profile talent.