The Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission has been urged to probe into the ''Bigo Live'' application and to take immediate action to ban it.

Senator Datuk Mustapa Kamal Mohd Yusoff when debating the motion of thanksonthe royal address at the Dewan Negara sitting today said the application was deemed ''a social media prostitute'' and a threat to the development of young generation, especiallyschoolchildren.

He said the ''live streaming'' had captured more and more attention from social media users as it enabled them to have direct interaction with new friends or expand their businesses.

"What is saddening is when social media users misuse the ''Bigo Live'' application to engage in immoral activities which can lead to more serious social problems infuture," he said.

Mustapa Kamal said some ''Bigo Live'' account owners had gone to the extent of indecently showing off their body, which were unsuitable for public viewing.

"It is also worrying when their followers began posting indecent comments, demanding more and becoming addicted to the unhealthy and immoral activity," he said.

The ''Bigo Live'' application developed by a Singaporean company had followers from Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Philippine, and account owners could generate income through the ''gifts'' given by their followers during the live streaming.

Mustapa Kamal said such a marketing technique had lured users to gain as many ''gifts'' as possible.