Social distancing is difficult to practise in kindergarten, thus making it a matter of consideration not to reopen the pre-school classes when the Movement Control Order (MCO) period is over.

Senior Minister (Education) Dr Mohd Radzi Md Jidin said it was a major challenge to implement the method of social distancing among children compared to adults.

“The Ministry of Education has discussed carefully each issue so that we can understand and analyse its effects.

“The main challenge at the kindergarten level is for the children to practice social distancing.

"For so long they have not met their friends and the implementation of social distancing will pose a major obstacle," he said at a press conference here on Wednesday.

Dr Mohd Radzi said the priority was given to students in form five and six who will sit for the Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM) and the Malaysian High School Certificate (STPM) to attend school after the MCO period ended.

However, the ministry will introduce stringent school guidelines that give priority to social distancing.

“If there was a class of 35 students before this, when we start to impose social distancing, 35 students will not fit in one classroom. So, what the MOE needs to do is look for is a larger hall or use two classrooms and so on.

“What is important is when school reopens, the guidelines we set up with MOH and every school must be obeyed.

“Compliance is compulsory and this role will be played by the District Education Office (PPD) to ensure that each school adheres to guidelines and social distancing.

"The hygiene factor and the route, for example. If you want to come to school, there are two routes but now we (advise) that the route is one-way. We will make sure all the guidelines are followed," he said.