KABUL: An estimated two million single mothers as well as 1.5 million orphans in Afghanistan are awaiting international humanitarian aid.

Afghan Minister of Martyrs and Disabled Affairs Abdul Majeed Akhund said the foreign military occupation and the war in the country had turned many women into single mothers due to the death of their husbands, as well as being disabled due to bomb blasts or shootings.

"Many Afghans have become blind, have lost their legs and are physically disabled as a result of attacks by foreign forces, and the number is difficult to calculate.

"Currently, only 150,000 Afghans who are disabled due to the effects of the war have registered with this ministry," he told Bernama through an interpreter.

Abdul Majeed said the number may be higher, especially in rural areas.

He added that Afghanistan, which has hospitals in all 34 provinces in the country, is facing problems with funds, medicines, surgical equipment and prosthetic limbs (prostheses) specialists.

He also expressed hope that foreign countries understand the difficult situation facing Afghanistan now. "Any form of help and support is most welcome," he said.

Afghanistan continues to be in turmoil when the Taliban overthrew Mohammad Ashraf Ghani's government in mid-August following the withdrawal of US troops from the country after 20 years of occupation.

On Thursday, media reported at least four civilians were killed while two others were injured in two bomb blasts that took place west of Kabul.

Meanwhile, according to sources, Afghanistan's new government is working on paying two-month salary arrears for all government employees. However, the total number of staff in about 25 ministries in Afghanistan is unknown.

The writer, one of 14 participants in the Muslim Care Malaysia's (MCM) humanitarian aid mission to Afghanistan, is among the first local media personnel to set foot in the country after the Taliban interim government's takeover.