Fans of Big Stage entertainment program were shocked by the death of one of its contestants, Sandra Dianne.

The demise of the singer who was popular with the song ‘Hey! You’ had an impact on all the Big Stage contestants including Farisha Iris.

According to Farisha, during her acquaintance with Sandra, the Sabahan was a person who did not talk much.

"Sandra is a quiet person, does not joke much and will talk only when necessary.

"But a few days before her (road) accident, we started to create memory, we joked and hung out together," she said when contacted by Astro AWANI.

Farisha also shared her sweet moments with Sandra throughout their acquaintance in the program.

According to her, they used to cry together during the vocal class conducted by Cikgu Shafi.

"Sandra is a person who is difficult to laugh and cry. We always thought she was a strong person but once in Cikgu Shafi's class, she cried after the teacher gave motivation.

"We cried together after class, for me it was a moment I will remember forever," she added.