Does a room decorated with edible chocolate wallpaper sound like your idea of heaven?

Artist Anya Gallaccio will be installing ‘Stroke', an interactive chocolate room, at the Edinburgh sculpture garden Jupiter Artland this summer.

The exhibition consists of a room with cardboard walls handpainted in dark chocolate. Visitors are free to interact with the piece as they please, but might not want to lick the walls as the artist has already noticed a few bugs in the installation.

The space features a bench for visitors to contemplate the different colors and patterns emerging from the chocolate. The name ‘Stroke' comes from the technique of applying the chocolate to the cardboard walls.

"The chocolate piece can be a purely sensual piece, it can be a social piece, it can maybe be a political piece depending on your relationship to food, to chocolate, to pleasure," explains Gallaccio.

"For me the piece is more about desire and anticipation than really being in the room.

"The idea of a chocolate room is one thing and the reality is very much something else."