Hong Kong has always been a tourist attraction for everyone across the world. The 7.4 million inhabitants are warm, accommodating, and colourful to meet. And for the discerning Muslim traveler, this pearl of the Orient has plenty to offer.

I recently travelled to Hong Kong to experience a wholesome Muslim journey. Spoke with the Muslim communities there, enjoyed Halal food and have a fantastic time while doing it!

One: The Kowloon Mosque

We start our journey by visiting the largest mosque in Hong Kong, the Kowloon Mosque at Tsim Sha Tsui, where I spoke at length with the Mufti (Grand Imam) of Hong Kong.

The Kowloon Mosque is Hong Kong’s first mosque in the Kowloon Peninsula. It was built during the 1896 when the Muslim British soldiers were garrisoned there. Located at 105 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, you can access this mosque easily via public transportation.


Here, you can perform your daily and Friday afternoon prayers. Sometimes led by the Mufti himself. There are Quranic lessons, Fard Ain and Fard Kifayah classes, as well as community events such as celebrating the Hajj celebrations.

With its stained glass ceilings and various ornamental fittings, the interior of the mosque exuberates the idea of calmness and tranquility and invites worshippers to spend hours on end meditating and praying.

My conversation with the Mufti of Hong Kong, Imam Muhammad Arshad, will air on Arrivals on Astro AWANI features in-depth conversations on the culture, people, and lives of the Muslims in Hong Kong.

Two: Masjid Ammar & The Osman Ramju Sadick Islamic Centre

Hong Kong’s third mosque to be built is the Ammar Mosque. Together with this complex is the Osman Ramju Sadick Islamic Center or Wan Chai Mosque.

Located on 40 Oi Kwan Road in Wan Chai Hong Kong, travelers can learn about the historical significance of the Muslim community in Hong Kong. Built by a Chinese Muslim, Ramju Sadick, the mosque features historical and architectural beauty.

The center of the mosque is an eight-story complex which integrates a prayer hall, a halal restaurant serving Chinese-dishes, there’s a halal bakery, some medical services and various classrooms.

Built in the 1970s, this mosque attracts hundreds of visitors daily.

Three: Ma’s Restaurant

Ma’s Restaurant features authentic Halal Chinese cuisine. Easily one of the tastiest halal eateries out there, it is located at 21-25 Cheung Sha Wan Road at Sham Shui Po, Kowloon.

All the food here are served fresh and the ingredients are certified 100% Halal by the Hong Kong religious authorities.

Mr. Ma started the business decades ago, today his son joins him in building this halal eatery

From the Chilli Sauce Wonton, to the Lamb Goulash (a fan favorite), to the Boiled Beef/Chicken Dumpling, everything here is tasty and wonderful.

Travelers can perfectly enjoy this culinary delight and since it is located in the middle of town, you can make this a midway point in between your travels to allow for greater maximization of your time in Hong Kong.

Four: Li-Nong Tea House @ Lantau

Serenity and calmness would best be exuberated by enjoying some time at the Li-Nong Tea House.

Here, you need to spend at least one hour enjoying the Blooming Tea experience. Li-Nong ties together literally a group of tea leaves that blossoms when hot water is poured over the tea leaves.

The Blooming Tea is a signature offering at Li-Nong

The whole experience is one that will be hard to replicate elsewhere.

Reflection is key and tranquility is optimal on top of this highlands. And while enjoying your blooming tea at Li-Nong Tea House, you can contemplate on things to allow yourself better ideas and thoughts to be harnessed.

Five: Avenue of Stars

Avenue of Stars showcases hundreds of palm prints of various luminaries of the island

Hong Kong’s identity and self is best defined through its people. Bruce Lee, Anita Mui, John Woo, Andy Lau, and thousands more are known throughout the world for their work in art and science.

The Avenue of Stars has more than a hundred celebrity handprints. Walk down this path across the Hong Kong Harbour and enjoy the stories of these celebrated stars.

The bronze statue of Bruce Lee is surrounded with water, echoing the martial arts guru’s philosophy of ‘be like water’. Across this, is Anita Mui’s bronze statue where her everlasting song ‘years flow like water’ resonates clearly across time.

This attraction would be the perfect way to end your trip, to this most beautiful and significant island of them all.

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