A dispute between Taiwanese global franchise teahouse Chatime franchisor La Kaffa, and Malaysia's Loob Holdings Sdn. Bhd, led to the future of the brand being in a questionable state before Aliza Ali and partner Widayu Latiff - who previously ran two of the best performing outlets in Malaysia - decided to accept the offer to take control of the outfit that landed on their table.

Subsequently, consumers find themselves in a unique bind, to stay with the already-familiar Chatime brand or to switch over to the newly minted Tealive under Loob Holdings’ Bryan Loo. Choices, choices, choices.

But over at the Chatime Malaysia office in Publika, the next step of the plan was crystal clear; to put their heads down and plough through to the next level of growth. 70 new outlets in the space of just 8 months indicates that they are on the right track.

But what’s it like from the driver’s seat? Watch the full interview with AWANI Review's Syed Farradino Omar to find out.

Podcast of the interview: