BFM apologises over 'hudud' video, takes it down

Business radio station BFM today apologised for its 'Projek Dialog BFMKupas' video clip that caused a public uproar and went viral for all the wrong reasons.

A screengrab of the YouTube video Hudud Isi Periuk Nasi that has since been taken down. | Astro Awani
Business radio station (BFM) has apologised for its "Projek Dialog BFMKupas" video clip that caused a public uproar and went viral for all the wrong reasons.

In a statement today, BFM said it had no intention of questioning the desirability of 'hudud', as perceived by some of the video's viewers.

"Judging by the comments we received on various sites, it is clear that some of our audience understood us to be questioning the desirability of hudud. In fact we had no intention to do so.

"We merely ask that our audience should consider legitimate questions around its implementation. We wish to apologise if any offence arose," the statement said.

BFM has taken down the video following a public uproar.

The radio station, however, defended the presenter of the video, Aisyah Tajuddin, who has been receiving death and rape threats.

The station said it regretted the personal attacks on Aisyah who was merely a stand-in cast member of the video and not its regular presenter.

"She is not the author of the script and so the views of the video are not a reflection of her personal stance on the issue.

"We wholly and unreservedly condemn the vile and vicious threats that have been leveled against Aisyah Tajuddin. Such threats are not only against the laws of our country, but have no place in a society that espouses peace," the statement said, adding that the video was intended to provide a satirical commentary on whether the implementation of hudud should be the top priority of the Kelantan government and legislature, particularly in light of pressing economic and flood reconstruction issues faced by the people in the state.

In the video titled "Hudud Isi Periuk Nasi" that was posted yesterday, the script Aisyah read had criticised the Kelantan State Legislative Assembly for passing amendments to state's Syariah Criminal Code II 1993.