KUCHING: Five new COVID-19 clusters were detected in Sarawak, of which four are community clusters, and the other a workplace cluster bringing the total number of active clusters in the state to 78.

The Sarawak State Disaster Management Committee (JPBN) in a statement today said the four community clusters are the Kampung Paya Mebi cluster, Kampung Quop cluster, Kampung Senari cluster, Telaga Air cluster, while the workplace cluster is the Sungai Mangga cluster.

"The Kampung Paya Mebi cluster involves residents of a village in Jalan Landeh in Kuching with 21 positive cases detected including the index case, after 29 people were screened.

"The Kampung Quop cluster involves residents in Jalan Kampung Quap, Batu 10, Kota Padawan in Kuching where 12 people tested positive, including index the case, after tests were conducted on 19 individuals.

"Meanwhile, 25 positive cases were detected among residents of Kampung Senari in Jalan Kampung Senari, Kuching and 39 are still awaiting their results," the statement read.

The Telaga Air cluster in Kuching involves residents living in Jalan Kampung Telaga Air, Petra Jaya where of the 35 individuals screened 34 tested positive.

According to the statement, the Sungai Mangga workplace cluster involved workers and occupants of a workers' quarters at an oil palm plantation where 55 tested positive after tests were conducted on 160 individuals.

Today, Sarawak recorded 582 new COVID-19 cases.