UMNO Deputy President Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan has reminded Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) not to talk about the unity of the ummah with the party.

This is because, Mohamad said, the leader of the splinter party that is still in its "infancy" did not have any record of uniting the Malays and Malaysians, compared to UMNO.

"Don't talk about the unity of the ummah with UMNO, if you yourself fight with those whom you previously hugged warmly.

"Don't talk about the unity of the ummah with UMNO, if you know, it's just fishing and picking up anyone who is quick to leave the struggle of the race.

"This includes those who have not ceased to insult and belittle the Malays," he said in his opening address of the simultaneous conference of UMNO Wanita, Pemuda and Puteri, here today.

Elaborating, Mohamad said the action of the leader was against Malay unity.

“They never fought for any unity effort until when their lives were like ‘eggs at the tip of a horn’, the survival of their party became so critical, only then did they start stuttering about racial unity.

"It is even more disgusting when those who left PKR are also not ashamed to talk about the unity of the ummah.

"Whereas for many decades, their struggle had never led to the good of the Malays, not to mention unity of the ummah," he explained.

In this regard, Mohamad stressed that the unity of the Malays is UMNO’s big ambition that will continue to be supported firmly and faithfully.

"We will not pawn this in a narrow political goal. We will not forgo this in an unintelligent power race.

"What UMNO will strive for is unity of the whole Malay race, whether those involved in politics or otherwise, with political party membership or otherwise and whether they are in government or opposition.

"Everyone will be in our view and we invite. The pillar is only one, namely the Malays," he said.