Celebrity chef Datuk Chef Wan was aware of the consequences after ‘joking’ about the missing MH370 flight on his Instagram account @chefwan58.

On his latest Instagram post, he said that the post was indeed a joke as he had wanted to see the public's reaction after uploading the photo, which was later deleted.

Chef Wan was at a beach on Friday morning when he informed his production crew of his intention of uploading the photo as Malaysians “like to criticise others.”

“I believe that some have joked about this incident within the past few days but I put it on Instagram deliberately to see the reactions.

“Within 10 minutes, I was contacted by Ayie of Murai.com… It’s true that Malaysians like to talk bad about others even though the intention was done to make others laugh at a silly joke,” he said on Instagram.

“I will accept the consequences of this action. I did it deliberately and I was successful.”

In the post, Chef Wan was posing with a piece of object which he said was part of the missing MH370 aircraft which disappeared on March 8.

In a joking manner, he said that the object was part of a toilet door from a house on the beach in Morib.

The entry has since been deleted after receiving 701 likes and much criticism from his Instagram followers.

Meanwhile, in a poll conducted by AstroAwani.com, 80.85 of the respondents had wanted Chef Wan to apologise to Malaysians and Malaysia Airlines, while 6.98 percent were neutral on the issue.