PUTRAJAYA: The Ministry of Education (MOE) will monitor the quality and assist teachers who deliver teaching and learning (PdP) through the special terrestrial Education TV channel, DidikTV Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia (DidikTV KPM).

Education director-general Datuk Dr Habibah Abdul Rahim said the ministry could provide training to the teachers involved to improve the content quality and ensure better delivery.

“How do we determine the quality of PdP delivered through that channel. We need to have a stricter QC (Quality Control), and also vet the videos or programmes that will be broadcast on the channel,” she said.

She said this in an interview with Bernama, Utusan Malaysia and The Star on the Guidelines for School Management and Operations Under the New Norm 2.0 at ministry, here yesterday.

DidikTV KPM, which kick-started on Wednesday, can be viewed through channel 107 on MYTV, 147 on ASTRO and ntv7 on TV UNIFI, from 7 am to midnight daily.

Habibah said DidikTV KPM was launched as an initiative to reach out to all students, especially those who do not have internet access or appropriate devices.

“We are aware that about 36 per cent of students do not own any device but more than 97 per cent of households have televisions. Therefore, the programme (DidikTV KPM) is one way of reaching out to these students.

“It happens very fast because we have moved from web based to terrestrial and not all of our videos that we have produced before are suitable for terrestrial television. So, we need to come up with new content or to reuse those that are still relevant,” she added.

Meanwhile, Habibah said the MOE was in the midst of discussing with stakeholders on the reopening of schools for students in non-examination classes, however the matter has yet to be finalised.

She said the MOE took into account the challenges faced by all parties due to the implementation of home-based teaching and learning.