Newlyweds, Norazura Mohd Ali and Agus Santoso, did not expect their wedding reception with a drive-thru concept held on Saturday at Jalan Sawi, here, would go viral and become a hit among netizens.

Norazura, 36, also known as Wawa, said the concept was chosen so that their wedding, which had been postponed several times, could continue while abiding with the standard operating procedures (SOP) set by the government.

She and her husband, Agus, 28, had no idea that the photos from the event would be making their rounds on the internet as the original plan was to only distribute food packs to neighbours, friends and relatives.

"However, we then realised that distributing food packs will involve too much work, besides many friends and relatives mentioned that they wanted to meet us at the wedding.

"After discussing with the photographer and the make-up artist, we decided to hold a drive-thru wedding which was more appropriate and would not violate the SOPs," she said when met at her home today.

Norazura added that her mother, Khatija Awang, 66, and other family members were initially reluctant to implement the concept.

She explained that the wedding involved many preparations including making sure the guests knew about the drive-thru concept.

"In addition, we also set up checkpoints for body temperature screenings, guest registration and food distribution. The last one was for a wefie with us without them exiting their car," she said, adding that their marriage solemnisation took place on June 27 at Kluang Islamic Religious office.