Whether you're on the waterfront or in one of the world's capital cities, many areas are currently experiencing extreme temperatures.

It can be rather perplexing for those who'd like to remain stylish despite the troubles caused by suffocating heat. Here are a few ways to help you avoid underarm stains and dripping sweat.

Choose the right fabrics...

It's common sense, but choosing clothes made of the right fabrics is absolutely essential for living through a heatwave without being miserable.

It's no surprise that light, breathable, natural fabrics like linen are indelibly associated with summer.

Pants, dresses, skirts, tops: linen works for everything. If you don't like for it to become too wrinkled, opt for clothes made of mixed linen fabric.

Although not as breathable as linen, cotton is another option for periods of high heat. Its lighter forms are cotton gauze, muslin, crepe and poplin.

If you prefer to go for materials that are better for the environment, try Tencel, which is made from cellulose derived from trees like eucalyptus and bamboo.

... And the right colors

It's obviously better to avoid dark colors. Why? Because darker colors tend to absorb the sun's rays, which means you'll be hotter.

It's often recommended that we choose white clothing, especially for tops, but there are happily other possibilities too.

Pastel colors are light and can be used to build looks that are in touch with the season.

For those who insist on black, it's best to go for wide, loose and extremely light garments.

The importance of accessories

When it's hot and we turn to more classic, even timeless, clothing, it helps a lot to keep things fresh by relying on accessories.

Layered jewelry is a summer "must," so don't hesitate.

Other accessories like sunglasses and hats are doubly useful: they protect from the sun while adding character to your look.

For sunglasses, Summer 2020 is all about either mini or maxi frames in oval, cat-eye, butterfly, or mask-type shapes in bright colors.

To keep your head covered, wide-brimmed straw hats are chic and on-trend.