THESE days, there are many of them here in Malaysia. Some say they should stay, some want them to leave the country.

Some feel they should be banished from this land because they will "kacau anak dara kita" (play truant with the local damsels). Others say they will 'steal' our jobs.

Some are still clueless as to who these people are.

Here are five easy ways to differentiate between foreign workers and expatriates.

(This is purely from the writer’s observation after several coffee sessions in Bangsar, Ampang and Damansara)
While this writer sips his imported coffee and reads his imported magazine, he ponders, why, in this globalised setting, are some locals still hostile towards a certain group of foreign workers, and at the same time embracing another similar group.

At the same time, the writer also ponders why some Malaysians think it is 'cool' to seek employment opportunities abroad.

Sometimes, our attitude and treatment of foreign workers here leave much to be desired. Remember, we have thousands of Malaysians working abroad as well.

How would you feel if the locals there treat our countrymen in the same menial way we treat theirs?