KidZania, the world’s fastest growing family entertainment phenomenon, is set to open its doors in Sentosa Island, Singapore.

Today, at the official announcement ceremony in Singapore, the innovative indoor attraction was confirmed as the centrepiece of the new multi-million dollar redevelopment at Palawan Beach. KidZania Singapore will cover an area of 7,600 square metres.

Unlike other theme parks, KidZania does not feature any rides. Instead, KidZania combines role-playing with real-life experiences in a kid-sized city to provide unique edutainment fun.

By creating a child-centred community experience, KidZania Singapore is set to educate, empower and inspire four- to 14-year-olds by replicating the real world, scaled to a childs size, in a safe and self-contained city environment.

As in the real world, children choose professions and activities, such as being a police officer, doctor, journalist, scientist, mechanic or even a sushi chef, and earn money which they can then spend or save in a bank account.

KidZania operates just like a real city complete with buildings, paved streets, vehicles and a functioning economy with its own currency.

The experience is made entirely authentic and true-to-life through partnerships with leading multi-national and local companies.

Through each activity, children gain hands-on experience of adult professions and learn about how the world works.

They also learn valuable skills such as financial literacy, team work and independence.

Todays event saw the presentation of a Grant of Privilege document by the President and Chief Executive Officer of KidZania, Xavier L=pez Ancona, who then confirmed the creation of KidZania Singapore.

Also present at the ceremony was Tunku Besar Seri Menanti, Tunku Ali Redhauddin Ibni Tuanku Muhriz, Director of Themed Attractions & Resorts Sdn Bhd.

The document entrusts Themed Attractions and Resorts, and the Sentosa Development Corporation, with building a new KidZania city in accordance with the universal values of KidZania.

At the event here today, Ancona, who founded the company in Mexico, said of his brainchild: I wanted KidZania to use the timeless and universal childhood activity of role-playing to remind children that life is about options and to reach as high as possible.

"I believe KidZania can promote change, inspire global citizenship and build strong community awareness amongst our children through an experience that is hands-on, engaging, educational, and most importantly, fun.

When KidZania opened in 1999, he originally expected 400,000 visitors per year. Because of its strong appeal, the projected number of annual visitors soon doubled to 800,000.

The KidZania concept has since experienced rapid global growth and now has 11 locations, across four continents in eight countries, including Tokyo, Dubai, Seoul and Lisbon. Together with KidZania Singapore, a total of 13 locations are under development in Bangkok, Kuwait, Jeddah, Moscow, Mumbai, Sao Paolo, Manila, Istanbul, Cairo, London, the United States and Qatar.

To date, KidZania has welcomed over 26 million visitors worldwide and enjoys 516 Industry Partners.

KidZania is being brought to Singapore by Themed Attractions and Resorts, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Malaysian Governments investment arm, Khazanah Nasional Bhd.

It was incorporated in June 2009 to develop, manage and operate theme parks and attractions in Malaysia, serving as a catalyst for the leisure and tourism industry and bringing premier international theme parks and attractions to the region.

Themed Attractions opened KidZania Kuala Lumpur in February 2012 and has received more than 400,000 visitors to date.

Tunku Datuk Ahmad Burhanuddin, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Themed Attractions, said: KidZania has had such success because it is a win-win-win-win proposition.

Through the interactive experience at KidZania Singapore, Industry Partners are able to engage with children at an early age by giving them the opportunity to be immersed in realistic role-play that may help to set the benchmark for their future ambitions."

KidZania Singapore is central to Themed Attractions objective of developing, managing and operating attractions that are family orientated, such as its recently opened theme parks in Iskandar Malaysia.

KidZania Singapore will be designed to appeal to both the domestic Singaporean market as well as international tourists.

Mike Barclay, Chief Executive Officer of Sentosa Development Corporation, meanwhile said: KidZanias unique offering will draw local families as well as tourists who are constantly seeking new and fun learning experiences for their children."