AFTER a gloomy, challenging year, a dash of eccentricity is making a comeback for the summer season in clothes, hair and makeup. Bright and vibrant colors will be in the mix, while animal prints will be a must, not only for clothes and nails, but also on ... eyelids! An original trend for those who want a bold look!

Finally something different! While the no-makeup look was a strong trend during the health crisis, what with all the home-working and mask-wearing, times seem to be changing... at least for the summer, the season of all eccentricities (and all possibilities). The watchword for these vacations is fun! And that means looks that are more daring than usual, as well as extravagant beauty styles, punctuated by vivid colors, graphic designs, and other patterns designed to get noticed.

Zebra, cow and leopard motifs

Animal prints will be making an appearance, but in an unexpected form (at least to us). Not content to be a key, recurring trend in our outfits and on our bodies for years, from our favorite camisoles to our nail tips, they now are showing up on ... eyelids. The idea? Elevate the eyes, and give them a wild touch that was very much missed throughout 2020.

Beauty influencers have been having a field day for the past few weeks, letting their imaginations run wild at long last. Just head over to the social networks, in particular Instagram and TikTok, to discover a panoply of beauty looks each more wild and daring than the previous one. Zebra, leopard, tiger, cow, or cheetah: there's something for everyone.

Eyeliner or face sticker, the choice is yours

While some skilled makeup artists are using their best brushes to get the look, this creative style is clearly not within reach of everyone. But the tutorials on TikTok demonstrate that these animal prints are not so difficult to reproduce, even with eye pencils. Novices can opt for the numerous adhesives that you just have to put on the eyelid like an ephemeral tattoo. If you are more daring (or more skilled), get out your pencils, liquid and gel eyeliners, and eye shadows to recreate zebra and cow prints, which, be warned, require a dose of patience and meticulousness. For a leopard print look, you can simply draw the outline with a brown pencil and then fill in the "spots" with eye shadow.

In general, the beauty trends of this summer will be ultra colorful and ultra graphic, as seen at the recent Billboard Music Awards.