KUALA LUMPUR : Astro AWANI has made history with the successful launch of JIWA: A Guideline for AI Utilisation in Astro AWANI, which provides guidelines for the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in news reporting.

With this initiative, Astro AWANI became the first media organisation in Malaysia to provide guidelines for the use of AI technology in its newsroom.

This initiative underscores the commitment of the 24-hour news channel to harness the capabilities of AI to uphold the highest standards in producing quality news efficiently without compromising the credibility of journalistic ethics.

According to Astro AWANI's Editor-in-Chief, Ashwad Ismail, the guidelines developed in collaboration with the University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNM) and several local media organisations represent an effort to adapt AI technology, which is gaining increasing attention across various industries, including the media.

"AI is still at the experimental stage, even around the world. These guidelines will serve as a gateway to the application of AI in the media and communications industry.

"In this era, everyone is a content creator. With these guidelines, we hope that it can be used as a perimeter for everyone to follow," he said during a roundtable discussion on Journalism in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the UNM Learning Center in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, on Thursday.

The roundtable discussion also featured GMA Integrated News President and Senior Vice President, Regional TV and Synergy, Olivier Victor B. Amoroso; FMT Managing Director, Azeem Abu Bakar; and Associated Press AI Product Director, Ernest Kung.

Other panel members include Professor Zaharom Nain from UNM, Davyn Sudirjo, Founder and CEO of Masa AI and Chief of the Multiplatform News Innovation (MNI) Unit at Astro AWANI, Shafizan Johari.

Astro AWANI's approach to AI usage, encapsulated in the acronym JIWA, emphasizes the following principles:

- Justifiable: Ensure that AI-driven journalistic decisions are reasonable, transparent, and responsible.
- Inclusive: Foster inclusivity by considering various perspectives and avoiding bias in AI algorithms and reporting.
- Wise: Use wisdom in the use of AI tools/devices, making informed choices that enhance the integrity and quality of journalism.
- Authentic: Support authenticity in reporting through thorough fact-checking, ensuring that AI-generated content aligns with journalistic standards.

The objectives of the AI Guidelines include upholding journalistic ethics, promoting journalistic skills such as critical thinking, analysis and writing, protecting the confidentiality of information and improving journalistic processes.

The guidelines address 10 main areas of concern in the use of AI in journalistic processes, in line with Astro AWANI's commitment to upholding journalistic ethics.

It is the result of extensive research into AI guidelines conducted in newsrooms to ensure that they reflect best practices in the media industry.

Recently, Astro AWANI was awarded Best Use of AI in Reporting at Digital Media Asia 2024, establishing the 24-hour news channel as a leading media organisation in Malaysia in leading discussions on technological innovation in journalism.