Hot on the heels of the New Zealand health scare, a dairy company has issued a recall on some of its infant formulas in Malaysia. The products are Dumex Dupro, Mamex Cherish, Mamex Explore and Bebelac.

They were recalled as a precautionary measure by Danone Dumex (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

“None of the products tested and sold in Malaysia indicate any contamination. However, given the new information supplied by Fonterra, we have taken the decision to make a precautionary recall on specific batches of products," it said.

Danone Dumex was told that one of the ingredients supplied by Fonterra had a potential quality issue, it said in a statement yesterday.

This recall only affects batches noted below, sold in Malaysia. It doesn’t include other batches of the same products or other Danone Dumex products.

The products being recalled are Dumex Dupro Step 2 with batch numbers 04263B2, 04273B2, 05033B2, 05093B2, 05153B2, 05223B2, 05233B2, 05143T1, 05153B1, 04263B1, 04273B1, 04273B2, 05033B1, 05033B2, 05093B1, 05093B2, 05153B1, 05153B2, 05223B1, 05223B2 and 05233B1; Mamex Cherish Step 1 with batch numbers 06103T1, 06213B1, 06213B2, 06053R1, 06123R1, 06093T1 and 06213B1; Mamex Explore Step 2 with batch numbers 06093T1, 06123R1, 06213B1 and 06213B2; and Bebelac Step 2 with batch numbers 05023R1 and 05033R1.

Those who have these products should call 1800-38-1038.

"Consumers should not feed products with these batch numbers to infants. If you have been using these products to feed your infant and your child shows any sign of illness, please contact your health care professional as a precautionary measure," it said.

"If you have recently purchased any products with the batch numbers detailed above, please return them to the place of purchase for a full refund.”

Yesterday, the New Zealand authorities had issued a warning on whey protein concentrate (WPC) products manufactured by Fonterra as they were suspected to be tainted with cancer-causing bacteria.

WPC is in infant formula, milk powder and sports drinks. It was reported these products are exported from New Zealand to several countries, including Malaysia.