A police report had been made against a teacher who offered grass to two pupils during lunch break at Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan ( C ) Khai Meng in Sungkai, Perak.

The teacher made a remark that ‘cows that do not do homework must eat grass’. The teacher then proceeded to photograph the pupils using his handphone and indicated that it would be uploaded on a social media site.

The police report was made by one of the pupil’s mother who said the actions of the teacher had resulted in her son and his friend becoming the bud of ridicule by fellow pupils.

When contacted by Astro AWANI, police revealed the pupils were punished for failing to do their homework. However the teacher did not force the pupils to eat grass as claimed.

“The teacher explained (to us) that the two students actually had great potential but seeing their bad performance, he punished them.”

“(According to his explanation) he actually told them: that if you are hardworking, you can earn a lot, but if you don’t you will become like a cow and eat grass,” said Tapah district police chief Supt Som Sak Din Keliaw told Astro AWANI.

Som Sak said that the matter has been ‘resolved’ following a meeting between his officer, the two students and their parents, the teacher, the headmaster and representatives from the education department and Perak UMNO.

“All parties were satisfied with the explanation. The teacher had no intention to insult them,” said Som Sak.

He added, the case has been forwarded to the state education department.

Meanwhile, the school’s PIBG chairman defended the teacher’s actions, saying that the punishment was “not shameful” and can be regarded as “just a joke”.