Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Pengkalan Chepa 2 has closed the school temporarily after more than 50 pupils and teachers were affected by hysteria attacks since Monday.

School principal, Siti Hawa Mat, said all the victims claimed to have seen a 'black figure' during the incidents.

At a press conference today, she said the hysteria attacks on Monday involved 25 pupils, but when it happened again yesterday, 50 pupils and 11 teachers were affected.

She said the school has since engaged the service of Islamic medical practitioners to help recover the situation, adding that this was the first such case that happened at the school since it was erected in 2001.

"When asked about the form of the 'ghost', all of the victims just said they saw a black figure,” Siti Hawa told reporters.

However, she said the situation at the school is now under control after the religious medical practitioners came to assist.

She added, the victims have fully recovered around noon yesterday, and they have since been allowed to return home.

Meanwhile, a teacher who was one of the victims of Wednesday's hysteria attack, Norlailawati Ramli, said the disturbance first occurred on pupils before it affected the teachers.

"When I was holding one of the pupils, my arms felt extraordinarily heavy. I recited the istighfar. Things were truly out of control at the time.

"But after the pupil recovered and went home, I then felt as though someone was hanging onto the left side of my body. I saw flashes of black, like a black figure," Norlailawati said.

Another teacher, Kamariah Ibrahim, she said she tried to recite verses from the Al-Qur’an when she realised that she was losing control of herself.

"I saw a black figure, like it was trying to enter my body, but my colleagues were surrounding me, reciting verses from the Al-Qur'an. I felt like my head was bloating, I felt numb and tears kept pouring down my face.

"I silently recited the Ayatul Kursi, over and over again, then my head began to feel lighter after about an hour," Kamariah said.

The school’s 1,044 pupils and 84 teachers will commence their school session this Sunday, under the observation of several religious teachers and Islamic medical practitioners.