Miss Malaysia Universe 2014 Sabrina Beneett must be smiling from ear-to-ear as she struts on the runway to impress the judges of the 63rd Miss Universe Pageant held at the city of Doral in Miami, United States.

During the contest, the Ipoh-born Beneett will showcase exquisitely stunning and intricately-crafted frocks from 'songket' and 'batik' maestro, Adila Long and up-and-coming designer, Fiziwo.

Drawing a rather interesting parallels between traditional and couture concept, Adila Long chose a rather interesting theme ‘The Goddess of Kenyalang' (Hornbill Goddess) as the national costume.

The outcome? An eclectically interesting marriage of avant garde that the 24-year-old Beneett is set to pull out all the stops at the contest which kicks off on Jan 25.

Adila Long creation, hornbill headgear
Sabrina resonates the mythical Puteri Santubong in this flamboyant Adila Long creation. - Photo from Miss Universe Malaysia Organization
The costume resonates the mythical aura of Sarawak's princess of the Gods, Puteri Santubong, who was believed to have descended from heaven to teach the women of the tribes the skills of weaving the pua kumbu.

The accessories that accompany the costume are faux feathers to emulate the stealth of the bird, and jewellery inspired by Iban and Kayan warriors for war or ceremony rituals.

The hornbill is a symbol of worship to the ethnic groups of Kayan and Iban and it is believed be a messenger of the Gods for prepare warriors to fight in battlefields. The bird is admired for its loyalty, rarity and associated to royalty, power, and intelligence.

The Miss Universe 2015 preliminary competition was held on Wednesday where audiences was offered a glimpse of the coronation night. The bevy of beauties impressed the judges in their interpretation of swimwear and evening gown.

For the evening gown competition, the Ipoh-born Sabrina was channeling the timeless bronze goddess-inspired evening gown created by Fiziwo.

Sabrina Beneett
Sabrina is poised to pull out all the stops in this symmetrical sequined outfit by Fiziwo. Photo from Miss Universe Malaysia Organization
Fiziwo has chosen gold symmetrical sequined ensemble that illustrates liquid gold dripping over the body of the wearer.

The gown accentuated by a flowing train brings out the boldness of a queen without compromising on elegance and femininity.

Last year, up-and-coming designer Syomir Izwa was inspired by Malaysian exquisite traditional handwoven songket and crafted a demure royal warrior getup aptly called ‘The Princess of Perak’.

Sabrina, along with 79 other beauties from around the globe will strut the runway for the coveted Miss Universe trophy.