SERDANG:The police have uncovered a tactic by an online gambling syndicate, which is to carry out the activities in the office room, during a raid at a snooker centre in Seri Kembangan  here yesterday evening.

Serdang district police chief ACP Razali Abu Samah said nine individuals, all locals aged between 27 and 51, including the caretaker of the premises, were arrested in the 9 pm raid.

He said eight people, including three women were in a room playing online gambling when the police raided the premises, which was installed with a few closed circuit television cameras, thus arousing the police suspicion.

The door to the room had a sign with the word “office” and “only staff allowed”, he told reporters at the scene.

He said preliminary investigation found that  only regular patrons and the caretaker knew how to open the office door.

Those arrested and items seized, including  13 laps top and RM443,  were taken to the Serdang police station for further action, he added.