Only the head of family is allowed to go out to purchase daily essentials and medication during the movement control order period.

Senior minister Fadillah Yusof said this is stipulated in the basic government policy for the order's enforcement to deal with COVID-19.

However, should additional persons be needed to go out with them, the head of family must explain their reasons to the police if they are stopped.

"Policy-wise, under the order, only one person, which is the head of the family, should be allowed to go out to get daily essentials or medicine. That is the basic guideline.

"However, let's say that there is a need to bring another person, then the family head must be able to explain (why) to the police. The police will then use their discretion.

"But as much as possible, minimise outdoor activities. Only go out when necessary," he told a press conference after chairing a special ministers meeting on the order execution in Putrajaya today.