Farah Marcella Bandie, the homeless SPM scorer, said she was surprised but overjoyed with result.

Farah obtains 6A despite having to go through hardships, including having to live at a snooker centre, along with her mother and three siblings.

"The preparation was really challenging, it wasn't easy to study each subject only in two months.

"But the result was more than what I expected, I'm so thankful," Farah said during an interview.

Farah's teacher, Suraya Abdul Rahim said, the fund established by her and her brother Zaikhan, will be used solely to help Farah's studies in the future.

Her poignant tale became viral after Suraya uploaded a Facebook status revealing how Farah and her siblings were abandoned by her father.

Living as a homeless, Farah kept missing from school. At Form Four, she was expelled but her determination led her to return to school.

Realising Farah's academic potential, Suraya offered the latter her home and guided her to excel in her SPM.

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