Pupils from Year One to Year Four resumed school today after four months of school closures due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bernama check found that most parents who sent their children to school today had given extra attention to the standard operating procedures (SOP) compliance.

Although many were happy their children can continue their learning session at school, there were still concerns about the safety of their children from the threat of the COVID-19.

Perdip Singh, 42, who sent his son to Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Seri Gombak this morning, said all school preparations for his son were arranged a week ago and done carefully from home to the school gate.

"On Monday, his school shared a video link explaining the SOP in the school environment and classes as well as the marked routes to follow. We both watched the video. I always advise my son to comply with the SOP wherever he is.

"Before we left home today, I made sure my son was in good health and ready to focus on his lessons at school. I made sure he has a face mask, hand sanitiser and of course, food from home," he said.

Nur Hidayah Abdul Majid, 38, whose child attends the same school, said she will continue her routine of ferrying her child to and fro school for safety reasons.

"Prior to COVID-19, I also sent and picked up my child. I will continue doing this but will also be extra cautious to ensure that my child complies with the SOP and is completely safe. This COVID-19 is not something to be taken lightly," she said.

Education director-general Dr Habibah Abdul Rahim who visited Sekolah Kebangsaan Putrajaya Presint 9 (1) at 7.30 am today was satisfied with the procedures and learning sessions at the school.

School headmistress Norzah Mohd Kassim said the school is adapting the new normal and has taken the initiative by providing a barcode for each pupil for the purpose of recording their attendance and body temperature.

In Kelantan, Norizan Abdullah, 44, who was met at the Sekolah Menengah Agama Tengku Amalin A'Ishah Putri, said he was satisfied with the SOP practised by the school and was not worried about sending his son to school.

Terengganu State Education director Salim Ab Ghani said a total of 84,114 Year One to Year Four pupils in 352 primary schools throughout the state, apart from 1,070 in four private schools, returned to school today.

"Overall, SOP compliance is very good. There is only a little congestion around school areas because many parents were waiting for their children to go into the classroom. We hope this will not recur tomorrow," he said.

In Negeri Sembilan, the State Director of Education Md Fiah Md Jamin said that the start of the school session today went smoothly with the pupils complying with the SOP that had been set and the teachers giving much cooperation throughout the school session.

There are 69,734 Year One to Year Four pupils in 352 primary schools in the state, he said after visiting the Orang Asli pupils at Sekolah Kebangsaan Tekir, Labu.

Pahang State Education director Zaimi Abu Bakar, while inspecting several schools in Kuantan, said SOP compliance in the schools he visited was well implemented, especially in the aspect of social distancing.

He said a total of 100,445 pupils from Year One to Year Four in 542 primary schools in Pahang, including those in special education classes, returned to school today.

In Johor, State Education deputy director Shaharuddin Saari said 575,144 students in 1,187 primary and secondary schools attended school today.

"The school sessions were implemented by complying with the SOP to curb COVID-19. So far, all schools have managed to prepare a sufficient number of classes to ensure smooth running of the teaching and learning sessions," he said in a statement.

In Penang, all 272 primary schools and 127 secondary schools here are now operating back in full swing after 85,516 pupils from Year One to Year Four returned to school today, said the state education director Abdul Rashid Abdul Samad.

Each school will be assigned with an authorized officer in charge of conducting random spot checks at schools, he said after visiting the Methodist Girls' School here.