The use of electronic cigarette or vape is dangerous because of the nicotine in its liquid.

University Malaya Specialist Centre consultant psychiatrist and smoking cessation specialist Dr Amer Siddiq Amer Nordin said it was more worrying when the dealer mixed the liquid, based on demand by clients without knowing its contents.

"There is no proof saying that vape is safe for use...and we are worried when the dealer mixes the liquids without knowing it will have adverse effects on the consumer's health," he told reporters at the International Conference of Addiction Prevention and Treatment 2015 (ICAPT 2015) here today.

As such, Dr Amer Siddiq said the enforcement of the law against using vape was necessary to curb the public, specifically youths from starting the smoking habit.

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He noted that many thought vape helped hardcore smokers to quit smoking.

However, because of the colours and diverse taste offered, vape inadvertently, attracted non-smokers, as well, he said.

ICAPT 2015, which started yesterday, acts as a platform to discuss drug problems and related matters and the type of treatment needed.

The National Anti-Drug Agency, Drug Prevention Association of Malaysia and local and international lecturers and researchers were among its participants.

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