KUALA LUMPUR: Having moved to Malaysia to earn a living and provide for her family back home, an Indonesian woman found herself facing cruel treatment instead, believed to have been abused by her employer.

The domestic worker has had to endure physical and mental abuse in the last three years.

Not only was the 46-year-old locked up and closely monitored, she was also slapped and hit with a stick in the face.

Amid this, she has not been paid a single sen, working free of charge.

The victim was also allegedly doused with hot water, leading to severe burns on her back. Her weight has dropped to 30kg due to malnutrition.

Indonesia’s ambassador to Malaysia, Hermono, said what was worse was that the victim’s employer never brought her to hospital or provided medication for her injuries.

According to him, the case came to light when the victim decided to escape and seek help from the public before being brought to the police station at 11am last Tuesday.

Hermono said the victim was paid RM900 every month for the first three months, after which she was not allowed to communicate with her family in Indonesia or outsiders.

“During my visit to Selayang Hospital yesterday (Thursday), I was informed that the victim may have lost her sense of hearing from a severe injury on her ear.

“The victim is seriously traumatised and is calling for help,” he told Astro AWANI today.

He added that the victim was never allowed to take leave and forced to work all year round.

The worker’s employer has since been arrested by the police and is under investigation.

Astro AWANI understands that the suspect’s husband currently serves as a civil servant.

Hermono hopes the government will take strict action under Section 12 of the Anti-Trafficking in Persons and Anti-Smuggling of Migrants Act 2007.

“The Indonesian Embassy and government will closely monitor this case to avoid similar occurrences in the future,” he said.