Are the claims by the Malaysian woman who had just returned from performing Umrah on March 8 that she saw a large silvery plane wreckage in the waters of the Andaman Sea related to the latest claims by an Australian exploration company that it has discovered the wreckage of MH370?

Astro AWANI reported on March 21, that 53-year-old Raja Dalelah Raja Latife claimed that she saw the wreckage of a plane which was partly submerged and partly arise in the Andaman waters.

Raja Dalelah who was in Saudi Airlines' aircraft departing from Jeddah SV2058 at 3:30 am Saudi time (8.30am Malaysian time) passed over Chennai in India before entering the airspace of the Andaman Sea.

7News Australia yesterday reported that the GeoResonance search company which had been conducting a private search since 10 March have detected objects likely from a plane wreckage at the Bay of Bengal near Andaman Sea.

According to GeoResonance spokesman David Pope, the researchers have detected elements on the ocean floor that is said to be consistent with the elements of an aircraft.

"The technology we use was originally designed to find a nuclear warhead, submarine. Our teams in Ukraine decided we should try and help," he said as quoted by 7News.

The search company based in Adelaide involved an area of 2,000,000 square km in waters at the alleged crash site, using images from satellites and aircraft.

Both the claims could shed new light in the on-going search mission for the aircraft which went missing on March 8.