Ann Osman shares her top three adventurous destinations in Sabah

When it is not martial arts, Ann Osman is often, eager to take on a new adventure.

Ann says if theres one goal in mind when visiting Sabah, it is to climb Mount Kinabalu. - Instagram pic/@annosman | Astro Awani
FITNESS is an important part of Ann Osman’s daily life.

When it is not martial arts, the 32-year-old athlete is often, eager to take on a new adventure.

The Borneo Tribal Squad student proudly said that she is blessed as her hometown of Sabah is home to several top-notch adventures.

Here are her top picks at the "Land Below the Wind".

#1 Climb Mount Kinabalu

“If there’s one goal in mind when visiting Sabah, it is to climb Mount Kinabalu,” the former ONE Championship athlete said, before sharing her first experience hiking the 20th most prominent mountain in the world.

Ann with the fighters from Borneo Tribal Squad MMA. - Instagram pic/@annosman

“I made my first climb with Rich Franklin and the ONE Warrior Series crew when they were holding the tryouts in Sabah and it was an unforgettable experience conquering the summit together.”

“Although it’s one of the most climbable mountains, it is important to have good fitness and a positive mind,” she advised.

#2 White water rafting

Rafting through the rivers of Sabah, with Sabah’s first white water rafting company Xtreme Paddlers is a must.

According to her, there are three different rafting sites along three Sabah coasts.

White water rafting is one of Ann's favourite outdoor activities. - Instagram pic/@annosman

“For families with kids and beginners, they can enjoy white water rafting at either Kiulu River in Tamparuli or Kadamaian River at Kota Belud.”

“While for the extreme, they can have a taste of the wild rapids of Padas River. The destination is one of the more popular sites as you will need to commute on Sabah's first and oldest train to the inner parts of Tenom where the starting point is.”

She added: “I’ve probably rafted along the Padas River on four occasions but even till today, I’m quite nervous facing the wild Padas rapids.”

#3 Island hopping

The third on her list, however, does involve a bit more of a relaxing time.

“We’re surrounded by islands at every coast,” the Sabah-born athlete said.

“We have white sandy beaches and clear blue waters everywhere.”

Ann says there are white sandy beaches and clear blue waters everywhere in Sabah. - Instagram pic/@annosman

She said Malaysians should visit the islands located at the Tunku Abdul Rahman park or visit the more remote islands in Semporna.

“You can chill and sunbathe on the beaches, but if you’re feeling adventurous, snorkeling or diving is a must,” she said.