Maxis Bhd, the country's largest mobile operator, has unveiled its new "refined" organisational structure.

The new structure involves the streamlining of its business into four core areas. These four areas are: Enterprise Solutions, Consumer Business, Sales and Services, as well as Digital Services.

According to the company in a statement, the new structure will also improve processes and make Maxis more agile and cohesive in delivering its integrated propositions across its wide range of products and services, as well as support the company's growth strategies.

"Our refined organisational structure is an important step in the execution of our mission to be an integrated communications service provider.

"Efforts towards creating this structure have been made in response to evolving market dynamics and changing consumer demands and will enable Maxis to compete more effectively, and deliver more value to our customers and shareholders," said chairman Raja Tan Sri Arshad Raja Tun Uda in a statement.

Maxis, which initially expected the ex-DiGi.Com Bhd chief executive officer (CEO) Johan Dennelind to lead the company, is currently in a lookout for a new CEO after Dennelind turned down the job few weeks ago.

While the hunt is on-going, Maxis, under the new structure, will consist of a team led by both of its joint chief operating officers Nasution Mohamed and Suren J. Amarasekera.

The company's Enterprise Solution business will be headed by Shanti Jusnita Johari, the Consumer Business division will be headed by Dushyanthan Vaithiyanathan, Sales and Services will be led by Tan Lay Han and Digital Services will be headed by Kugan Thirunavakarasu.