Malaysian Singer NYK: A Deal is On, After Only One Song

Budding artistes always dream of getting a recording deal to launch them to singing superstardom. Debutant Nick Yung Kit who goes by the stage name NYK has done just that.

Malaysian Singer NYK: A Deal is On, After Only Song | Astro Awani

It is extremely rare for an artiste to clinch a record deal after only releasing one original song.

The Gods of Prosperity must have been smiling on Nick Yung Kit or NYK, with only debut single FWB under his belt, impressed music giants Sony so much that they immediately signed him up.

Sony is no slouch - they know a thing or two about the Malaysian music scene. Their roster of Malaysian artistes include heavyweights like Aliff Satar, Bunkface, Shila Amzah and legendary rock band, Search.

So, what is it about this Penang-born 25-year-old that got the tongues of the music executives wagging?

For starters, the kid is a breath of fresh air. His originality is unquestionable, and so is his daringness in pushing the boundaries both musically and lyrically. His musical boldness must have something to do having spent his time abroad, both in the UK and Australia.

But by far, the thing that strikes the loudest chord is the fact that NYK believes that music making in Malaysia is at a very exciting stage and is happy to work with other local talents to produce something unique.

But step away from the microphone, what is this melodic smooth operator really like? We got down to some one-on-one time with NYK to find out.