Food brings people together – we might be in a COVID-19 pandemic laced era, but we can still connect through our mutual love of Malaysian food - we just have to be a bit more creative about it, says Jackie M, an internationally renowned chef.

What’s Up?

Hola to all food enthusiasts, your Mondays will never be the same again!

Masters of Malaysian Cuisine (MOMC) have teamed up from all over the world to serve you restaurant quality, authentic Malaysian-inspired meals on their online Cook-Along broadcasts.

Eight well-known Malaysian chefs from various countries with one common goal, have started their fourth series from September 7 to September 28, live from their kitchen to yours, dishing out an array of traditional mouth-watering Malaysian recipes infused with local ingredients, sourced from wherever they are based but not discounting on the specific spices, sticking closely to the origins of the recipe.

What’s Cooking?

From spicy, tangy, sour, coconut-laced Laksa loaded with giant succulent prawns, precious scallops and rice noodles, to the nutritious stir-fried five-spiced tempeh, from storming the wok with Char Kuey Teow to an elegant teatime sweet pastry of Jala Mas. Sweet and savoury, hot and sour, a modern take on each recipe showcasing Malaysian delights in simple, straightforward, no fuss live cooking!

This will be Char Kuey Teow, Five-Spiced Tempeh, Laksa with Aussie Seafood - MOMCpics

As September’s theme is all about the Malaysian pancakes, tonight will feature professionally trained chef Nora Haron and Michelin-trained Chef Rene showcasing the fluffy buttery Apam Balik and the silky delightful Lempeng Pisang Kelapa.

Masters of Malaysian Cuisine

A Pandemic That Stormed Our Kitchens via Social Media!

A lockdown situation as a result of the COVID-19 has led Jackie M, a chef, TV host and food coach based in Australia to initiate this live cooking videos together with fellow Malaysian chef, TV host and award winning cookbook author Norman Musa, based in the Netherlands, to tease our imagination and feed our ever expanding desire for the Malaysian cuisine.

Joining forces together with six other well-known chefs from all over the world, each with a success story of their own, each unique in their approach and individual style. Even the MasterChef of UK fame and author of ‘My Rendang Isn’t Crispy’ Zaleha Olpin is also in the delicious line-up of MOMC.

Being in the midst of a pandemic has changed the way families live; cooking more meals at home instead of eating out. Many urbanites are learning to cook while staying home, to flatten the infection curve.

The social media was a witness to many unsung kitchen heroes and heroines. But most home cooks find it a challenge to produce restaurant finesse local dishes, be it even sourcing for the original ingredients especially if you are abroad.

In the short spell of time, MOMC has created a loyal following of people who tune in to watch the live cooking demos, as the recipes are published in the eMag on their website. Those who sign up will even receive a special eBook collection of 8 recipes from the Masters of Malaysian Cuisine chefs.

Jackie M says, “It's heartwarming to see those who have never experienced Malaysian food or who've been stuck on how to do it properly, actually attempt the recipes we showcase, and to share their food photos on social media”.

According to MOMC, they reached a global audience by leveraging off each other’s followings, hence reaching viewers from all over the world, including Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Germany, Dubai, Singapore and of course Malaysia. The first series saw over 27,000 views, which increased to over 45,000 views in their second series on the live demos.

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Jala Emas, Lempeng Pisang Kelapa, Roti Jala, Ice-cream - MOMCpics

Food Unites Us

The common phrase ‘food brings us together’, indeed is proven in this effort by these culinary skilled Malaysians, evangelizing the yumminess of the authentic Malaysian flavours from different parts of the world.

The plus point of social media platform is that it enables anyone from anywhere with access to internet to enjoy the vibrant cuisine that reflects the diversity of Malaysia.

Now, isn’t that a yummy way to celebrate our Malaysian melting pot of food heritage!

The Food Comrades of Masters of Malaysian Cuisine are:

Jackie M. Restaurateur | TV Presenter | Street Food Coach – Sydney, Australia

Chef Johari Edrus MasterChef Malaysia Judge | Restaurateur – Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Chef Norman Musa Award-Winning Chef | Author |Tutor | TV Host – The Hague, The Netherlands

Zaleha Olpin MasterChef UK | Author – Bristol, United Kingdom

Pearly Kee Award-Winning Nyonya Cook – Penang, Malaysia

Chef Rene Juefri 5-star Hotel Executive Chef – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Nora Haron Chef-Owner – Local Kitchen, Nora Haron & FYUB San Francisco, USA

Chef Dave Murugaya Vegan Chef | YouTube Viral Sensation Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

(Further details available at MastersofMalaysianCuisine)