With the success of "Oh My English!" season one, which locked in over 3.6 million viewership, Astro announced to continue the production for a second season.

The new season not only features a new cast, but it will also be re-angled with more interesting storyline.

Popular actor Aaron Aziz will be essaying the role of a gym teacher called “Cikgu Malik” in this second season while new faces such as Tiz Zaquah, Datuk Haji Nawawi and Gabriella Robinson will also be featured as part of the new cast.

Aaron did not expect to be part of the favourite children’s program but was grateful to be given a role.

"I always see my kids watching this show, but did not expect that I will be part of something my kids love," he said.

Meanwhile Astro Vice President Youth and Children division Yasmin Megat said the selection of cast was made based audience’s vote for the show.

"This change was done to give the audience more reason to be exited while watching and learning through the series of Oh My English! Season two”, said Yasmin gleefully.

The 20 episode of Oh My English season two still retain the previous cast like Zain Saidin, Adibah Noor and Harun Salim Bachik.

The show which teaches the proper use of English will be aired beginning March 31 at 7.30 pm on 610 Astro TVIQ and 134 Astro HD channels.