MALAYSIA is one of Asia’s biggest plastic consumer with single-use plastics being the main method of
packaging for everyday products.

With reportedly more than 8 million tonnes of plastic entering the world’s oceans each year along
with the carbon emissions associated with plastic from production to burning, many have realized
that pursuing a zero-waste lifestyle would just be the solution we need to help better protect our
earth and its environment.

That said, beginning your journey to becoming eco-friendlier should not be difficult with these zero-
waste stores located just around Klang Valley.
The Hive Bulk Foods has five outlets across Klang Valley. IMAGE: @thehivebulkfoods

The first-ever zero-waste store in Malaysia, The Hive Bulk Foods now has over five outlets, all
offering unpackaged products consisting of whole foods, household items, toiletries and even
personal care products.

In promoting a plastic-free lifestyle, customers are encouraged to bring their containers to fill in
their desired products such as shampoo and conditioner.

Most products are organic and are even bought from local producers around Klang Valley.

Bottles filled with detergents for your everyday needs. IMAGE: @byobdamansarakim

, which stands for Bring Your Own Bottle is a detergent store that promotes the 3R concept;
Reuse, Recycle and Reduce.

Simply bring your own clean bottle to the store and get yourself a refill from their wide selection of
eco-friendly detergent. The store not only offers detergent for your laundry but also your kitchen,
floors, personal care, and even for your car!

The store aims to educate the public about the dangers of plastic pollution while helping us save
money too from not buying extra plastics.

It currently has several outlets in East and West Malaysia.

A Bit Less Bulk promotes baby steps for consumers to use less plastic daily. IMAGE: @a_bit_less

With the idea to remind consumers to use a bit less single-use plastic every time, A Bit Less Bulk
located in Kepong makes your trip to the groceries eco-friendlier.

A variety of organic food products and household goods can be found here, from grains and nuts to
bamboo toothbrushes. You can even refill your soy sauce!

Bringing your own containers is highly encouraged.
Your favourite childhood snacks and biscuits. IMAGE: @zerowasteearthstore

Everyday grocery shopping made easy and waste-free with Zero Waste Earth Store. Located in Setia
Alam, this store does its part in saving mother earth by allowing the community to only
buy what they need.

This store is committed to upholding its motto; refill reuse recycle & repeating, by reusing items
such as containers and bottles so they won’t contribute to more pollution.

On top of your daily essentials, there are also a variety of package-free snacks made available for
you to choose from.
Refillable bulk purchases at Seedy Zero Waste Store. IMAGE: Seedy Zero Waste Store

From beauty products to household liquids, Seedy Zero Waste Store offers practically most of your
essential needs, all with little to no packaging.

Like any other zero-waste stores, you take what you need, and you are also highly encouraged to
bring your own bag or containers.

The store is an initiative under a non-profit organisation, Zero Waste Malaysia, that promotes and
educates people of all ages through talks, events and campaigns, on the importance of a zero-waste
lifestyle that minimizes the general waste footprint and embraces a circular economy