SEREMBAN: Only 6,000 housewives who are not registered with e-Kasih are subscribers of the Housewives' Social Security Scheme (SKSSR), said Human Resources Minister V. Sivakumar.

He said so far, there were over 140,000 contributors to the scheme.

"An estimated three million housewives up to the age of 55 in the country are eligible to contribute to this scheme.

"It is the responsibility of all parties to promote this scheme so that more housewives will benefit," he told reporters after handing over the SKSSR benefits to the next of kin of the insured housewives (SRB) here today.

Sivakumar said the next of kin of SRB who died before the age of 55 are eligible to receive the funeral management benefit (FPM) of RM2,000, while the periodic payment for the Penakat Pension of a maximum of RM300 a month is provided for those eligible.

"This scheme recognises the role of housewives in carrying out domestic work which may not have been seen as a contribution to the development of the family institutions and the country," he said.

He said husbands are encouraged to contribute to the scheme in appreciation of the services and sacrifices made by their wives.

SKSSR is implemented under the Housewives Social Security Act 2022 (Act 838) with the aim of providing social security protection to housewives against domestic disasters, disability or death.

The government has provided an allocation of RM20 million as SKSSR contributions to 150,000 housewives registered with e-Kasih through the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) i-Suri scheme.