The scheduled performance by South Korean sensation Psy in Penang for state level Chinese New Year celebrations on Feb 11 is a “gift” from Barisan Nasional to the rakyat.

Penang Gerakan vice-chairman Wong Mun Hoe said bringing Psy to Penang was not politically motivated and is purely for entertainment.

“The reason we invited him to Malaysia is because he is an international superstar. This is also a gift to Penangites who do not always get to meet an entertainer of such stature,” said Wong.

“I feel the rakyat can relate to him. We wanted an event of international standard and we felt that it was appropriate to have Psy as a guest with our Prime Minister present.”

Asked who will be forking out the cost of bringing Psy to Malaysia, Wong said he was “uncertain”.

“There will also be other entertainers including Sheila Amzah and also lion dances and Chingay performances during the event," Wong added.

Wong, who is also BN coordinator for Pantai Jerejak, criticised DAP for only managing to come up with a parody of Psy's hit 'Gangnam Style' with their 'Ubah Roket Style'.

“If we want Gangnam Style, we bring the original, unlike some who only copy.”

However, he added that everyone, including Opposition leaders, are invited to the open-house event which is scheduled to be held at the Han Chiang High School in George Town.