KUALA LUMPUR: Two Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) officers and a former personnel, were charged in two separate Sessions Courts here today, with robbing various items including a Louis Vuitton (LV) bag and cash totalling RM952,690 belonging to a Chinese national.

Muhamad Haffiz Mohd Radzi, 33,and Mohd Fahmee Mohamad Nor, 41, pleaded not guilty after the charges were read out to them before Judge Izralizam Sanusi, while Azwan Asli, 38, entered the same plea before Judge Siti Aminah Ghazali.

The three were accused of committing gang robbery against businessman Kun Gao and stealing from him cash amounting to RM952,690, Yuan 1225, a silver-coloured suitcase, and a black LV bag.

The offence, allegedly committed at a Jalan Ampang residence on Dec 10, 2021, at noon, was framed under Section 395 of the Penal Code, which provides for a maximum penalty of 20 years' imprisonment and whipping if convicted.

During the proceedings before Judge Izralizam, deputy public prosecutor Izralina Abdullah requested bail be set at RM30,000 for each of the accused, should the court allow bail though the offence is unbailable.

Lawyer S. Ravichandaran, representing Muhamad Haffiz, however requested bail of RM5,000, taking into consideration his client being a Grade 41 investigator with a monthly income of RM3,000, and has two children to support.

Lawyer R. Vikraman, representing Mohd Fahmee, requested bail of RM4,000 on the grounds that his client, a Grade 44 officer earning RM4,500 monthly is a single father and has to pay RM2,000 monthly alimony to his ex-wife, adding that his client had been cooperative throughout the investigation and is not a flight risk.

Meanwhile, during the proceedings before Judge Siti Aminah, Izralina requested bail of RM30,000 with a surety for Azwan, with the additional condition that he must report to the nearby police station.

Vikraman representing Azwan, requested bail of RM4,500.

Judge Izralizam later approved bail of RM12,000 with a surety each for Muhamad Haffiz and Mohd Fahmee, with the additional conditions that they report to the police station monthly, refrain from harassing witnesses and surrender their passports to the court until the case is concluded.

Judge Siti Aminah approved bail of RM10,000 with a surety for Azwan, along with the condition that he must report to the nearby police station once a month.

Both courts also set Feb 5, 2024, for next mention.