UMNO members need to work hard including getting down on the ground frequently to tackle the perception of some groups on the 'trust deficit' faced by the party, thus regaining public confidence in UMNO.

Party deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the approach to understand the inner feelings of the community and knowing their needs could boost public confidence in the party and government.

Besides, the momentum of UMNO members in understanding the feelings of the rakyat could not slacken in order for the party to continue championing the cause of the people, especially the younger generation, said Muhyiddin who is also Deputy Prime Minister.

"We must be sincere in order to create a positive perception, that is, a party with credibility and integrity so that the party would gain the confidence of the people.

"There are groups saying that the present situation is most challenging, some are saying 'trust deficit'...declining trust. I don't know whether it is a perception or a reality but the responsibility lies with us, especially the younger generation like the Puteri UMNO movement," he said to loud applause by about 1,000 Puteri UMNO members, here.

Muhyiddin said this when addressing the 'Himpunan Gelombang Merah Jambu Fans 2015' at Dataran Bandaraya Johor Baharu, here today.

Also present were Johor Umno Liaison secretary Md Jais Sarday, national Puteri UMNO head Datuk Mas Ermiyati Samsudin and Johor Puteri UMNO head Rohaiza Ahmad.

Muhyiddin said UMNO members, particularly the Puteri UMNO movement must not only be close to the people but must also understand the needs and aspiration of all strata of society including the women.

He said the people now wanted to see UMNO as a party that always championed the cause of the people besides being fair in whatever policy it adopted and did not neglect its responsibility in hard or good times.