KUALA LUMPUR: The Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Datuk Seri Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay, is ready to be investigated if there are allegations of misconduct against him.

Ayob Khan said he was aware that there had been various allegations against him, following his firm stance in discharging his responsibilities as the second-in-command of the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM).

"Go ahead, investigate me and also all my family members, I have no problem," he said when appearing as a panellist at an integrity forum in conjunction with the Farmers' Organisation Authority (LPP) Integrity Day 2023, today.

Ayob Khan, however, did not elaborate on the allegations against him.

He said that every leader should have the courage to reprimand or take action against the officers under him.

"Just because you want to be revered and remain popular, you put aside your real responsibilities so that you do not get sidelined by the people around you.

"If there is any misconduct involving officers or personnel, especially corruption, I will not tolerate it and action will definitely be taken. As long as I am entrusted with the existing responsibility, I will fulfil it," he said.