The Education Ministry will look into the possibility of expanding the e-Learning method as a measure to deal with the issue of cancellation of school days due to natural disasters.

Education Minister Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid said e-Learning is a new method and good to ensure the students are not left behind in their studies when classes were canceled or had not attended school for particular reasons.

He toldthis reporterswhen met at the St. John's Institution 2016 Academic Excellence Awards ceremony, here, Saturday.

The e-Learning method entails innovative teaching and learning beyond the classroom.Internetdrivenand the technological sophistication allows teachers and students to continue the learning process anywhere.

Commenting on the haze which has struck since last week due to the current hot weather, Mahdzir said the ministry had activated its operating room to monitor daily developments.

Mahdzirsaid the ministry will issue a directive to close schools in areas thatrecord Air Pollutant Index(API) readings exceeding 200.

However, he stressed that parents should not send their children to school based on their own decision that the weather is not healthy, if the ministry did not issue school closure orders due to the haze and hot weather.

Mahdziralso explained that is not necessary for schools to make replacement classes if the entire school days were cancelled due to disasters, or exceeded five days.