MELAKA: The registration system for persons with disabilities (PwDs) known as MyDaftar OKU was launched today as part of efforts to improve the existing registration system that uses the OKU Information System (SMOKU) platform.

Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Rina Mohd Harun said MyDaftar OKU would also enhance the service delivery for disabled persons, in line with the eighth thrust of the Action Plan for PwDs 2016-2022.

She said the thrust has outlined the need to set up a PwD database and a comprehensive information system to faciliate the registration of the group.

"It is important for all PwDs to register to enable the government to make careful planning and formulate policies that are appropriate to the needs of the group based on accurate and comprehensive data.

"This has also become an important KPI (Key Performance Indicator) to ensure that the PwD community is not left behind in line with the Malaysian Family slogan," she said in a speech at the launch of MyDaftar OKU today.

Meanwhile, at a press conference later, Rina said through MyDaftar OKU, the ministry targeted to approve 2,000 registration applications next month.

She said prior to getting their own OKU physical card, each applicant would be provided with a digital card through QR code that was equipped with security features to facilitate access to services provided for the group.

"Registration is very important to enable PwDs to get benefits and assistance provided by various parties, including the government and private sectors," she said.

Rina said as of Sept 30, a total of 582,944 PwDs in the country had registered with the Social Welfare Department.