1. The success of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak's working visit to Germany this week proved wrong Dr Mahathir Mohamad's false claims that Malaysia is failing. Perhaps it is to cover his embarrassment that Dr Mahathir has now reached a new low. Not just by comparing our Prime Minister and others in the Government to Nazis, but by doing so while the Prime Minister was in Germany. ‎

2. Germany has atoned for its past and built a democracy that is an example to many others. It is wrong to run down a country and dredge up its painful history just for the sake of selfish political point scoring.

3. Dr Mahathir has shown again that he is not a statesman, but a disgrace to Malaysia. His remarks are increasingly desperate and unhinged. It is embarrassing to see a former prime minister destroy his legacy and reveal himself to be a bitter, vindictive old man. He is lashing out because his plans to topple a democratically-elected Government, just to install his own son as prime minister, have failed miserably.‎

4. The gutter is no place for prime ministers - past or present. ‎It is sad that Dr Mahathir seems to be so comfortable there.‎ ‎

5. Fortunately for Malaysia, Dr Mahathir is no longer our leader. He has caused disgust and offence in Germany, which last year was the largest European investor into Malaysia. Total German investment is US$11.4 billion. In contrast, our Prime Minister has been an honoured guest of Chancellor Angela Merkel, fighting to further the economic and security interests of Malaysia and its people.‎

Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan,
Barisan Nasional Strategic Communications Director,
Minister in the Prime Minister's Department.