KUALA LUMPUR: The Federal Court's chief registrar's office (PKPMP) has denied reports that the bail counter had closed early on Thursday (April 20) resulting in six accused forced to remain in prison.

The PKPMP in a statement said the counter was open as usual and 10 accused in the case were allowed bail by the court, but only four bailors were present at the counter to process bail on the said day.

"Therefore, in the said case, bailors for the six accused were not present to process bail for the six accused when the counter closed at 4pm, which is the normal closing time for the counter throughout the month of Ramadan. This resulted in the bail not processed for the six accused," said PKPMP.

The claims were published in a news portal through an article titled "6 to spend weekend in prison as bail counter closes earlier" on Thursday.

According to PKPMP, the presence of bailors to process bail for the accused is part of a procedure that must be adhered because their presence enables the court to know the identity of the bailor who is responsible for the bail.

The process also is to allow the counter to explain (verbally) to the bailor, of the terms, conditions plus the responsibilities of the bailor throughout the bail period.