PASIR MAS: No major flood disaster, such as the one experienced in 2014, is expected in Kelantan during the monsoon season this time, said Environment and Water Minister Datuk Seri Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man.

He said this was because the latest rainfall recorded in the state was 1,825mm or 68 per cent of the average annual rainfall of 2,700mm.

He said the remaining expected rainfall of 875mm or 32 per cent has been predicted not to cause major flooding.

"In the latest report that I received last Friday, based on the existing rainfall distribution, Insha Allah, there will be no major floods.

"Nevertheless we have made the necessary preparations. We are doing our best and praying hard for Allah's mercy and save us from a flood disaster," he told a press conference after visiting a riverbank stabilisation project at Kampung Pohon Celagi, here today.