Just in a few more hours, we will rise to the joy of Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

For those celebrating it, festive season as such is one of the best reasons to wear a traditional Malay costume.

However, for men, wearing the baju Melayu seems incomplete if it is not accompanied by a nicely neat kain samping – a sarong-like clothing attire.

Although the basic concept of wearing kain samping is just to ‘wrap’ it around the midsection of the body by folding it from both sides and meet in the middle, there are some rules that one should at least try to follow.

Worry no more! Astro AWANI’s presenter Rizal Zulkapli is here to demonstrate the proper way of wearing kain samping so you can look sharp during this Syawal. Let’s watch the video below.